As a speaker, Elizabeth brings her clinical experience, knowledge and passion to every group she addresses.  Her dynamic presentations both educate and inspire others to utilize nutrition to improve the lives of those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.  Elizabeth is an accomplished speaker with a professional, yet approachable style that has made her a sought out presenter for parent and professional audiences alike.  She takes the most current evidence-based nutrition research and presents it in a down-to-earth manner with practical strategies to take home.

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A partial list of Elizabeth’s clients includes local, state and national organizations for:

  • WIC
  • Head Start
  • Early Childhood Intervention
  • State Department of Education
  • Autism Society of America
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • International Nutrition Conference
  •  and many more…

Elizabeth will work with you to design a presentation that meets your group’s specific needs or choose from a list of popular topics.

Popular Topics:

Nutrition: A piece of the autism puzzle

HELP… My Child Won’t Eat!

Clean up Your Child’s Diet

ADHD: Nutrition Makes a Difference

Eat Your Way to a Healthier Gut

What are Nutraceuticals & how can they help children with autism?

What previous attendees have said about Elizabeth’s presentations:

“What an amazing speaker!  The course was full of information and Elizabeth was organized, efficient and interesting throughout.  She had a pleasant and down-to-earth manner that made this course one of the best I have ever attended.  Great knowledge of the subject and a wonderful delivery.  Elizabeth kept my attention all through the day.  Can’t wait to get home and find more information this speaker has published.  I will recommend this speaker to everyone I know.”

Bufalari, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Elizabeth is the ultimate presenter – knowledgeable, articulate and personable.  Her personal stories about her son bring the “mom” perspective to the forefront.”

Speech-Language Pathologist

“Elizabeth has a tremendous ability to communicate volumes of information that is technical in an understandable way.
Parent Advocate

“I learned more her from Elizabeth than all other previous workshops I’ve attended.  Thank you!”


“What I liked best about this training was Elizabeth made the information practical to everyone in the room.”

Occupational Therapist

“I like that Elizabeth could relate real life clinical experience into the presentation.”

Registered Dietitian

“Elizabeth is sooooooo knowledgeable and makes information useable to us.”


“I like the way Elizabeth weaved stories of her son and her patients into the presentation.”

Speech –Language Pathologist


Dietetic Student

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